Large Capacity Mobile Stone Crusher for Sale

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Large Capacity Mobile Stone Crusher for Sale

Post by ftmmachine on Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:45 pm

Description of Large Capacity Mobile Stone Crusher

Large capacity mobile crusher which can also be called mobile crusher or portable crusher, portable crushing plant, is a new type of crushing plant. Some crushing machines and screening machines can be installed onto the movable platform of the mobile construction station, which greatly improves the flexibility of the equipment.In some areas where fixed production line is not convenient to set up, but mobile crushing plant will be very convenient.For example, when processing construction waste, mobile crusher can be placed in one place, and after finishing the crushing task, it can be removed to another place immediately. For this reason, mobile crushing plant can also be called mobile construction station or construction waste disposal crushing station.

Application of Large Capacity Mobile Stone Crusher

Large capacity mobile stone crusher from Henan Fote Machinery( can be used in crushing various stone and ore,such as iron ore,copper ore,gold ore,marble,pebbles,bluestone crushing plant.Also it can be used in building waste and road material crushing,bricks,concrete.

Features of Large Capacity Mobile Stone Crusher

1. Hydraulic-drive feeding plate is convenient and reliable.

2. Easy to control by equipping with high-tech LCD touch screen and PLC control system.

3. Feeder grates pre-screen scrap and excurrent material can be conveyed by side belt or main belt either.

4. Belt conveyors and Magnetic iron separator are easy to use.

5. Employing fully rigid boat structure, the chassis features high strength, low contact pressure, good passing ability(easy transpotation) and good adaptability to hilly and marsh areas.

6. High pulling forque travel motor with mature techniques offers strong driving force and high reliability. The use of all-walt variable hydraulic technique in the travel system ensures high performance, reliability and utilization of the motor.


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